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Did the Media’s Obsession With Princess Diana Pave the Way for President Trump?
North Korean Threat Exposes the Price We All Pay For Electing a Pathological Liar as President
Mike Cernovich Isn’t ‘Souring’ On Trump Yet, But ‘Would Like to See Things Done Differently’
If The United States Was a Third-World Nation, We Might Suspect There Was a Silent Coup Happening
President Trump Has Successfully Desensitized Us to His Pathological Lying
The ‘Seth Rich Fox News’ Report (If True) Should Be the End for All Involved (But it Won’t)
20 Ways That President Trump Is Exactly Like My Five-Year-Old Daughter
In an Era where ‘Team’ is Everything, What ‘Team’ is Trump Actually On?
Some Important Takeaways from a Fascinating Interview With Glenn Beck
On the Eve of O.J. Simpson’s Possible Parole, Here’s the Real Story Behind His Imprisonment
Here’s What Republicans Don’t Want to Admit about Why Obamacare Can’t Be Repealed
Come On, We All Know That Trump Is Lying About Not Being Told About Russia Meeting, Right?
Why History Channel’s Getting Duped on Amelia Earhart Matters
There Are Big Questions Mostly Being Ignored In Light of the Donald Trump Jr. Bombshell
Donald Trump Jr. Revelations Are a Factual ‘Tipping Point,’ But Not A Political One
Michael Steele on Republicans Falling in Line for Trump: GOP ‘Has Emasculated its Authority’
Don’t Tell His Cult, But Trump Got Owned By Putin
President Trump Has Further Divided America, But Also Exposed Our Resiliency
Evan McMullin: Russia Investigations Are Not ‘Fake News’; Trump Admin Leading ‘Assault on Truth’
Morning Joe & Trump Saga Exposes Everything That Is Wrong With Media/Politics
The ‘Trump/Russia’ Story is NOT ‘Fake News’ and CNN’s ‘Resignations’ Prove It
Joe Walsh: Cheerleading for Trump Will Come Back to Bite ‘Towel Boys’ Like Hannity
Why I Am Still Baffled By the Outrage over the Philando Castile Shooting Verdict & Video
Here’s Why Trump “Lying” About the “Comey Tapes” Should Matter a Lot, But Won’t
How Megyn Kelly ‘Lost’ By Crushing Alex Jones…and He ‘Won’ by Losing

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