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How Megyn Kelly ‘Lost’ By Crushing Alex Jones…and He ‘Won’ by Losing
Why the Hell Did the New York Times Lie About the Gabby Giffords Murders?
Where Megyn Kelly Went Wrong With Her Alex Jones Interview
The Trump Cult Is Responding to Comey’s Testimony Exactly like Cults Are Expected
James Comey’s Testimony Will Allow Everyone to Declare Victory and Change Almost Nothing
Is Racism to Blame for The Bachelorette Losing a Million Viewers?
CNN Did NOT ‘Blackmail’ or ‘Threaten’ the Trump-Video Creating Reddit User
Megyn Kelly’s Debut at NBC was Very Uninspiring
Rush Limbaugh Is Now Destroying His Legacy with His Trump Sycophancy
Trump Thinks Leaks Are ‘Fake News’…Partly Because His White House is Leaking Lies
Dem. Rep John Yarmuth: Mitch McConnell ‘Will Shut Donald Trump Down’
What the Hell is Going on with Sean Hannity and the Nutty Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory?!
Dem. Rep John Yarmuth: Mitch McConnell ‘Will Shut Donald Trump Down’
Trump’s Cult Was Designed to Withstand This Current Media Onslaught and That’s What’s Happening
A Scenario Where Naming Robert Mueller Special Counsel Saves the Trump Presidency
It’s Time for GOP to Finally Dump Trump…But Will They?
Not So Fast Ann Coulter, You Can’t Get Off the Hook for Trump Support So Easily
The Hyper-Partisan Reaction to Trump’s Comey Firing Shows How Much We All Suck
Here’s the Fundamental Flaw in President Trump’s Justification for the Comey Firing
The Case That Trump’s Presidency Is Not Much Different than Hillary’s Would Have Been
President Trump’s Health Care ‘Win’ Is as Shallow and Fraudulent as Everything Else About Him
How I Would Program A Conservative TV Network Despite Being A Skeptic
President Trump Is a Symptom and Proof of Journalism Being Dead, Not the Cause of It
Glenn Beck Co-Host Stu Burguiere: Conservative Media May Not ‘Deserve to Exist Anymore’
You May Hate Ann Coulter, But By Not Supporting Her at Berkeley, We All Just Lost

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