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Reviewing the Nuttiest Things Trump Said Just Today
If She Runs, Oprah Would Likely Win the Nomination, But Be Ill-Suited to Beat Trump
In Many Ways, the Wolff Book Will Actually Help Trump
Is This Steve Bannon’s Political Obituary?
Is Michael Wolff’s Bombshell Reporting Based in Part on Recorded Phone Calls?
Here’s What Hoda Kotb Replacing Matt Lauer Really Means, and What No One Else Will Tell You
The Media Won’t Admit It, But Trump is Right About Them Needing Him to be Reelected
2017: The Year Hypocrisy Died and Almost Nothing Mattered
For the GOP, Trump is A Lot like Santa, But What Should We Be Teaching Our Kids about Him?
Have We Seriously Decided that Old Consensual Affairs Involving Media Stars Are Now ‘Assault’?!
Thanks to Roy Moore, Donald Trump Has Gone From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to ‘Biggest Loser’
Decapitating Media Figures Based on Single, Anonymous, Non-Criminal Sex Claims is Very Dangerous
The Most Mind-Blowing Aspects of Al Franken’s Demise
Are Democrats Really Going to Take Out Al Franken This Unfairly & Dangerously?
The Mob Will Cheer Him, But John Oliver Was Wrong in His Dustin Hoffman Confrontation
ABC and Brian Ross Handed Trump a Huge ‘Win’ With Their Botched Report
Another Side to the Matt Lauer Firing…That Will Probably Never Be Accepted as True
Facts, nuance should matter more in Al Franken rush to judgement
Greg Schiano Out at Tennessee Because of the Twitter Mob That Unfairly Destroyed Him
Here’s Why Most of the ‘Celebrity Sex Abusers’ Are Unattractive Males
Here’s How Trump Would Have Handled the Tweeden Allegations If He Was in Franken’s Position
I Loathe Al Franken, But It Sure Seems Like He is Getting Totally Railroaded
Politically, Why in the World Would Democrats Want Roy Moore to Dropout or Lose?
John Ziegler Explains To Glenn Beck Why He Should Be Fearful of a False Sex Abuse Allegation
Is No One Seriously Concerned About Media’s New Standards on Reporting Abuse Allegations?

John Ziegler appearing on HLN Monday

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