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John Ziegler on Inside Edition Discussing His Exclusive Interview With Matt Lauer

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Is Trump’s Cave on Holding the G7 at Doral Even More Significant Than It Seems?
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Shepard Smith’s Sudden Departure From Fox News is Likely a Bigger Deal Than You Realize
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Trump Team’s Contradictory Defenses on Impeachment Are a Ploy to Provide His ‘Cult 45’ With Options
Why Doesn’t the Media Seem to Care That Trump Could Be Deliberately Manipulating the Stock Market?
Top House Democrat: We’re ‘Confident’ Ukraine Transcript Doesn’t Represent Full Extent of ‘Mind-Boggling’ Call
Here is What Mitch McConnell Should Do From Here, But Won’t Because He’s Too Gutless
Sports Media’s Support of California’s Insane New College Sports Law Will Kill Their Own Golden Goose
Here Are the Two Key Elements of the Trump-Zelensky Call on Which the Media Missed the Point
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The Whistleblower Story Looks Horrendous, But It’s More Likely to Help Trump Than End His Presidency
Why The New York Times Botched Their Hit On Brett Kavanaugh, and Why It Will Likely Happen Again

John Ziegler appearing on HLN Monday

John Ziegler Goes on Glenn Beck's TV Show to Discuss the News Media

"Grace Ziegler Steals the Show on the Final Broadcast of John Ziegler's National Radio Show"

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John Ziegler's 3 year old daughter makes her broadcasting debut on the 'John & Leah Show'

"John & Leah Show" Listener Makes Music Video From Show's "Trumpsanity Anthem"