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Trump is Pandering to Border Hawks with Political Stunts, While Actually Betraying Their Cause
Why Split Control of Congress is the Least Bad Election Scenario for Our Fractured Nation
Megyn Kelly’s Demise at NBC Spells the End of the Serious Network Talk Show
Here’s Why Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Up, and Why That Matters A Lot
I Went to the Reagan Library to Ask Ken Starr a Key Question About Trump & Here’s What Happened
Have Anti-Trump Conservatives Benefited or Paid a Price Due to Their Stance? The Results Vary Widely
Kanye West Did Actually Reveal Something Important About Trump’s ‘Cult 45’ and It Will Blow Your Mind
Post-Kavanaugh, What Now For ‘Never Trump’ Conservatives?
The Top Ten Ways That Twitter Has Greatly Harmed Journalism and Destroyed Our Public Discourse
Exclusive: Glenn Beck on #MeToo’s Kavanaugh ‘Witch Hunt’ and the Media’s Addiction to Trump Outrage
With the Kavanaugh Fiasco Finally Ending, Here Are Some Lessons and Conclusions
A Reality Check about Life at an All-Boys Prep School in the Early 1980s and the ‘Devil’s Triangle’
Forever State College Media - Comparing Kavanaugh and Penn State
Mitchell’s Memo Proves It’s Impossible To Dissuade People that Sex Abuse Occurred Once They Are Invested
Kavanaugh Convinced Me of His Innocence. But He May Have Disqualified Himself in the Process.
Here Are the Top Five Questions Christine Ford Should Be Asked, But Likely Won’t Be
Interview with Memory Expert Dr. Loftus: Therapy & Books Could Have Manipulated Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story
Ronan Farrow Jumps the Shark, But It’s Kavanaugh Who’s Chum: Annotating the New Yorker Report
Why Tiger Woods Winning Again is Way Bigger Than Just a Golf Story
Kavanaugh’s Accuser May Be Telling the Truth, But There Are Still Big Problems with Her Story
How the Ghost of Al Franken is Haunting Brett Kavanaugh, Conservative Media, & #MeToo
Here’s How and Why People like Me Jumped to the Wrong Conclusion About the Broidy/Bechard Scandal
The Serena Williams Controversy Exposes How the Media Uses a ‘PC Point System’ To Determine Morality
Trump Will Not Be Brought Down By Cowards and Unfortunately It Appears There Are No Heroes
Unless Bob Woodward Releases Tapes Proving His Book is Real, Fear Will Actually Help Trump

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