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From October of 2014 through December of 2016, Free Speech Broadcasting produced the best weekend news/opinion radio talk show in the country. The three-hour Sunday evening show was nationally syndicated by Envision Radio Networks, and featured host John Ziegler.

Ziegler is a well-known conservative commentator, columnist, and documentary filmmaker. He has hosted radio talk shows in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Louisville, and Nashville and has appeared as a guest on nearly every major television talk show.

The show aired nationwide Sunday evenings from 7-10pm Pacific Time and featured the most independent, informative, and entertaining analysis of news, politics, sports, and pop culture available anywhere in weekend radio.

The following billboard was posted to promote the show in Louisville, KY. John’s program was broadcast there on WHAS-AM, where he was infamously fired over a decade ago, before being immediately rehired by the same company in Los Angeles, at KFI-AM.

Starting in in January of 2017 the broadcast portion of the program was discontinued and transformed into a pure podcast which will allow for an even better show and will be available each Sunday evening around 9 pm eastern time. Ziegler wrote this column for Mediaite about what factors led to his decision.

Most Recent Podcast

John's Most Recent Columns & News About the Show

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Almost Everyone in the Disney/LA Times Feud Was Wrong…But Result Was Mostly Right
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John Ziegler appearing on HLN Monday

John Ziegler Goes on Glenn Beck's TV Show to Discuss the News Media

"Grace Ziegler Steals the Show on the Final Broadcast of John Ziegler's National Radio Show"

The John and Leah Show 10/14 to 11/16

John Ziegler's 3 year old daughter makes her broadcasting debut on the 'John & Leah Show'

"John & Leah Show" Listener Makes Music Video From Show's "Trumpsanity Anthem"